The Complete boat Guide
Sierpe to The Jaguar's Jungle

Taking the boat from Sierpe to Drake Bay


Taking the boat from Sierpe to Drake Bay is very fun and has gorgeous views. Make sure you tell your boat captain that you are going to Jungla del Jaguar, NOT Drake Bay. They are not the same destination. Jungla del Jaguar is the last stop on the boat, 20 minutes past Drake Bay.

The public boat runs every day of the year at the same times, even on holidays.

Here is the map of the route you will take for the boat from Sierpe to Drake Bay.

Getting to Sierpe

The launch point for the boats is in Sierpe, so whether you’re driving, going with a shuttle or taking the bus, you need to get to the La Perla del Sur restaurant next to Hotel Oleaje Sereno. The boat leaves at 11:30am and 3:30pm.

To get to Sierpe from Palmar you will need to take a taxi.

Returning a car in Sierpe: 

There aren’t car rental companies in Sierpe but companies will pick up the car there for an extra fee. With Adobe, their closest office is in Uvita but they can pick up and deliver to the Sierpe dock for a fee.

So you can drive to Sierpe dock, have Adobe pick up the car and then go to Drake Bay so you don’t need to worry about parking the car.

Renting a car in Sierpe: Then if you want to rent a car after your Drake Bay trip, Adobe can deliver the car to Sierpe dock when you arrive so you don’t need to go to their office in Uvita. The latest they can deliver the car is 4:30 PM.

We use Solid rental cars or Adobe since they only charge a ~$40 fee to pick the car up from Sierpe (which is amazing and so convenient). You cannot book a rental car to be picked up in Sierpe online however, which is why we always just book the car when we arrive to the SJO airport.

Sierpe to Drake Bay Boat Schedule

The taxi boat costs $30 or $35 per passenger at 11:30. Please beware that the cost of a later boat  (3:30) is up to the captain's digression and often costs $50 or more per person. 

The boat ride

The boats hold around 12-25 passengers and they don’t wrap your luggage so make sure your belongings are nicely zipped up and wrapped in plastic bags if you have expensive electronics. They’ll take your bags and load them into the boat. You can keep your backpack or purse. They’ll start calling hotels once boats are ready so listen for your hotel (Jungla del Jaguar).

Once everyone is ready, you’ll begin your journey through the Sierpe river and the biggest mangrove forest in Central America.

After about 40 minutes or so, it’s time to merge into the ocean. This part is a bit bumpy depending on the tide, so hold on! The boat captains are experts in navigating this river mouth and they do it every day.

From there, it’s about 20 minutes to Drake Bay. The views of the coast are spectacular! After the Drake Bay stop, you may stop to let people off at a few other locations along the way. The Jaguar's Jungle will be the last and closest stop to the Corcovado National Park. Do not get up unless told to do so. 

The Jaguar's Jungle to Sierpe Boat Schedule

The public boat picks up at the lodge at 7:00 AM and 1:30 PM and costs $20 per person to Drake Bay and $25-40 per person to Sierpe.

Tips for Taking the Boat From Sierpe to Jungla del Jaguar

  • You can’t pre-book reservations so arrive in Sierpe at least 30 minutes early. In high season, at least 1 hour.

  • Fees recap: 3,000 colones ($6) a day for parking

       $30 per passenger from Sierpe at 11:30 AM

       $25 per passenger from Drake Bay at 12:40PM

  • Wear sunscreen. At 11:30 AM the sun is high and bright!

  • Wrap your bags in plastic 

  • Listen to the captains directions. When you arrive to the lodge you should get off the boat as quickly as possible and the captains helper will pass your luggage to our staff. Do not linger on the boat. During periods of large swells the boat landing must be quick. Your belongings will be offloaded for you.

Boat prices are subject to change depending on # of people traveling and special circumstances. Gas prices as well as the price of everything else in Costa Rica are going up. If a boat captain tells you a different price then on this page, no one is swindling you. Jungla del Jaguar is not responsible for any verbal exchange you have with a boat captain or crew, and we are not liable for any experience you have on a public boat. We are not responsible if you miss the boat.