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Comment venir à la Jungla del Jaguar, Drake Bay & Corcovado

How to get to Corcovado

Le lodge le plus isolé du Costa Rica

Jungla del Jaguar Lodge & Hostel est situé à 20 minutes en bateau de Drake Bay, au sein de la péninsule d’Osa. Notre propriété est en bordure du Parc du Corcovado et le lodge le plus proche de l’Ile Cano et de sa réserve marine.


Trouver votre moyen de transport pour arrive à Drake Bay ou au Corcovado en transports publics, vols domestiques, randonnée ou même à cheval. 

Boats from Sierpe depart for Drake Bay daily. To arrive at Jungla Jaguar, you will need to take the 11:30am boat. Please advise the boat captains that you are staying at Jungla del Jaguar and he will bring you to our doorstep after dropping off other guests in Drake Bay town.


You should budget $25-30 per person for the boat journey that leaves Sierpe at 11:30am. Please let us know if you will be coming from Drake Bay or Sierpe.

If for some reason you cannot make the 11:30 boat, please contact us and we may be able to arrange something for you.​ The price for a later boat will be a minimum of $40 per person and can be difficult to arrange.

To get to Sierpe from San Jose, take the 5am coastal bus from the Tracopa Station and get off in Palmar Norte. Manual Antonio/Quepos, Uvita and Dominical are also along this route. You can find additional bus timetables at


From Palmar Norte, take a collectivo taxi to Sierpe. You can also reserve a private shuttle to Sierpe from many different Costa Rican destinations with

The boat leaves The Jaguar's Jungle at 7am on your departure day. 

Please see The Sierpe boat guide to read about the boat even more.

Recommended Shuttle:

The best shuttle service to Sierpe from San Jose and other coastal towns is Shuttle Corcovado.  Visit their website to book a shuttle or Whatsapp Pedro at +506 8703 2121

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